Software usage policy ON-TIME

(last modified on 09/08/19)


ON-TIME refers to the web application and its dedicated mobile associations. User means any person who has completed and validated his registration inON-TIMEand therefore having the authorization to enter data into the Web Software and having the status of administrator of its platform. Operator means any person who has completed and validated his/her registration in the dedicated mobile application, and who has his/her account submitted to the administrator user. Workstation means any computer or mobile terminal on which the User connects to the Web Application. ON-TIMEthrough an internet browser or mobile device. Data refers to all information entered by the user.


The personal information filled in when registering a user inON-TIME are only used for the proper functioning of the software. Such information may be copied, used and/or archived in accordance with applicable laws on personal data, but is never disclosed to third parties unless required by law or any judicial authority. ON-TIMEundertakes to guarantee the respect of the users' privacy, as well as the confidentiality of the personal information transmitted to it. The user undertakes to update in ON-TIMEany change in the personal information provided by him to ON-TIMEat the time of registration: address, telephone, e-mail, establishment, type of activity.


ON-TIMEundertakes to ensure the confidentiality of users' personal data as well as the data stored in ON-TIMEby implementing all the necessary measures for the software and its hosting. The user undertakes to protect by all useful means the identifiers that allow him to connect to ON-TIMEand not to disclose them under any circumstances to any other person. The user undertakes to protect access to theON-TIMEwhen a session is open, and to close the session before leaving the workstation. If the software is theoretically accessible from any connected workstation, the user's choice of workstation must respect obvious rules of confidentiality: no computers not belonging to the user's establishment or to the user himself, no access through a public network such as Internet cafés or the Wi-Fi connection available in certain public places. The user understands that, in accordance with the legal provisions, all his actions within the softwareON-TIMEare recorded by name in a log file. This log can be consulted by ONTIME managers in the event of a technical problem, and in the event of a request required by the law or any judicial authority.


ON-TIME provides a powerful monitoring tool designed to improve knowledge of the company and its employees, as well as their professional activities within it. Those responsible forON-TIME therefore recommend a strictly professional use of their tool. The administrator user undertakes not to collect tracking information of a private nature and to draw a clear line between professional and private life. The administrator user agrees not to apply any inappropriate intrusive tracking through the tools. ON-TIMEIt acknowledges its sole and entire responsibility in the event of failure to comply with this charter, and in view of the consequences that may ensue.


The user undertakes to verify the accuracy of the data entered inON-TIMEand not to enter falsified data. The user can export his own data for statistical purposes. The user understands that those responsible for ON-TIMEcan export all data. The data provided in ON-TIME remain the property of the users and operators.


This software charter ON-TIME is a living document that is subject to change over time. The application of new rules is immediate. Amendments to the charter do not have retroactive effect. The user understands the need to reread this document regularly.